Our Prima Sofia Vergara Tied The Knot

Awwww!! This has to be one of my favorite nuptials. Not sure why but as a Latina me siento como si se caso mi prima. We all love la Vergara. Grew up watching her on Univision and have seen her slowly make her way to the top. Now, lo unico que faltaba un buen hombre que la quisiera. Mission accomplished. The best part?!? She shared this moment with all her fans. Que Diosito los bendiga with years of felicidad!!

Gracias Telemundo DC

Hello! Last Sunday had the pleasure of being a part of a yearly event that takes place here in DC "La Feria De La Familia" with Telemundo. It had been a while since I had done this sort of event so I wasn't sure what to wear. I remember rushing from a brunch date and thinking what the heck shall I wear that doesn't look clubby but still stylish?!? Hmmmmm...after 5 minutes I said "Hello, H&M olive dress" Glad I did...I toned it down with a denim jacket and there you go! Jumped on stage with the friendly peeps from Telemundo DC and my afternoon radio host Patry and magic happened. We laughed, did a bachata contest and the women in the crowd weren't too happy when asked to cheer. I told them "I


Oh my oh my! Where do I start?!? It was Friday the 13th. I remember thinking during the early a-m how no matter what this would be a great day. My days before had been filled with car issues so I basically was living at the dealer (which is a good thing..tell you in another blog) but I was being consumed by that. It takes hours to make a decision to purchase a new car so that was that. Back to Friday. So, I get back from the dealer and put on local programming to stay in the know when I noticed it was a breaking news situation. Hostages in France. My heart dropped. I knew this wasn't good. As the news continued to unfold I remember thinking how consumed I felt by my previous week and how it

5 Instagram Peeps That Motivate Me To Stay Fit #MotivationMonday

So, it's Monday and despite all the positive energy God has somehow managed to place in my body I too need something to keep me going. Especially when it comes to my eating habits and exercise. It's a struggle I've managed to accept during the past few years because Miss Piggy loves to eat. This week I'm sharing some instragram peeps I love to follow who while I'm browsing my feed get me thinking "Okay Jess...You too can do this" 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. *Bonus: Some cool tracks that will get your heart going!

Brunch In Alexandria

Again...as I continue trying new things in the area I was invited to brunch at a cozy place called Virtue Feed & Grain. I hadn't ever been there so I wasn't sure what to expect when I received the invite. To my suprise it was probably one of the cutest brunch spots ever. From the welcoming staff to the detail of every single item in the place....

Meeting People In The City

I'm on a mission to discover everything this city has to offer. Friday night reminded me of a Bridget Jones Scene! Honestly, I'm feeling like it's the first time I live here. So what is a single gal in the city to do?!? Get the heck out there! I love meeting new people out of my daily circle so I decided to find a group of professionals in the DMV area. I've never done something like this yet have advised others to do so. As I approached the venue I was slightly unsure as to what to expect but confident I can start a convo with someone since well that's what I do. So, I wasn't the first one there which was pretty good because I immediately jumped into a group of ladies. Some had just moved f

One Month

I can't believe it's been a month since I moved to DC. I feel like it was just yesterday we packed everything and drove patiently into the unknown. Looking back I remember thinking "This is really happening" haha. Wow! Well as I continue to write this chapter all I can say is that I'm really happy. Although... many feel I belong full force back on the screen my first and true passion is radio. I like TV and I'll be doing two separate projects that will put me back on national TV but for now I'm enjoying the fact I can actually wear jeans every day!

Adios Halloween. Until Next Year

Oh no!! My favorite holiday is officially over. With my move I wasn't able to decorate my new pad but still made time to improvise some costumes. This 'Black Widow' look was all about the eyeliner. Yes...the web you're seeing on my face and neck was drawn with liquid eyeliner. Honestly, besides the boots it was my favorite. The FBI look was also fun. I figures it made sense since I'm living in DC and it seems like everyone I meet works with the FBI. Of course I wasn't finished. Next, I wore a dark angel costume. The wings kept bumping into people. It was bad. Really bad but funny!

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