'Ask Jess' Where Did You Get That Dress From?

The other day I posted a picture of myself in what I thought was a simple little dress. To my surprise it was a hit with the chicas so of course I need to let the ladies know where I got it from! El otro dia subi una foto mia con un vestido que para mi entender era sencillo. Al parecer las chicas de Instagram les encanto y por eso este video de donde lo pueden comprar!

Lash and Lip Top Is All I Ever Needed

So do you like?!? Although I'm kinda jelly of how the lashes on my top look better than mine I have to say I am in LOVE with this cute little tee from Epika Salon and Boutique in Clermont! I posted this pic on IG and the chicas loved it too! Cuentame, te gusto?! Aunque le tengo un poco de envidia a mi camisa por tener mejores pestañas que yo...hmmmm! ME ENCANTA esta camisa de Epika Salon and Spa en Clermont.

3 Ways I'm Keeping My Skin Healthy

Hey my loves! Summer is just around the corner which makes it a great time to get your skin back on track considering heavy makeup is a no-no during the hot season. I mean you can go for it but remember you'll be melting away before you know it! Here are some things I love to do to get my skin looking radiant aka another reason not to wear so much makeup: 1. It starts from the inside out, cutting processed food and sugar are BIG to me when it comes to getting ready for a photo shoot or summer months skin. Just kill that sugar craving with fruit instead of chocolate cake. 2. Using a moisturizer with sunblock has always been important to me even as a teen. I try to place it all over, especiall

Where Did My Privacy Go?

You know where this is going! I mean there's a pic of my son in a bathtub. The other night after a busy day of voice work I put Sebastian to sleep and decided to take a warm bath to unwind and watch some Netflix. Everything was going great until I hear a loud voice and next thing I know he's in the tub with me. Say what?!? This is MY time baby boo....or is it OUR time from now on?!? Seems pretty common when I tell others. They immediately talk about how privacy is basically gone once you have a child. So does this mean no more bathroom chill time?!? Ughhhh....! Por la foto ya sabes de que se debe tratar este blog. Obviamente la foto de Sebastian en el baño me delato. Te cuento, la otra noche

Short Hair Don't Care Mode...These Memes Are Way Too Relatable

Llego ese momento del año cuando digo....UMMM CUT IT ALL OFF porfavor! Jaja. I just looked at a bunch of my FB memories and this happens every year around this time. I chop it all off then end up with extensions by fall. Truth is I'm in for a new TV gig that requires me to to clean up my style a bit and have a more textured hair kinda look. I'm down with that. So I hit up my hairstylist Anna at Dolce Vita Salon who's basically the only person who gets all my hair moments and said 'Mija, it's GO time.' Of course I had my extensions with me in case I had a meltdown but I didn't. I love my hair this way. I feel fresh and some people tell me I look younger. Probably not sexier (according to my m

5 Ways I'm Living With A Purpose

Hola mis amores and welcome back to another fun blog! I'll get into my hair and all things SeaWorld in another post but I'm compelled to share with all of you my journey into living a life in Christ and moving forward to inspire others any way I possibly can. For a while now I've had a yearning to do more with my presence. I love what I've done in the past with my career but truth is I am at a point in my life where I want to have a deeper impact on the people around me. I guess motherhood will do that to you. Slowly but surely I will be sharing more on my journey but I know that there are many people who go day in and day out and just feel like they are on auto-pilot. My Pastor always talks

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