Working Out As A Team

As most of you know I've been working really hard to get my butt back in shape. This week I invited my friend and fellow Amp chica Danie B to join me for a kickboxing class. Boy did we box it the end we felt dead. Exactly what we needed to burn the stress.

When The Cops Pull You Over

Ughhh!! I try to start my week on a positive note but things happen. This past morning while on my way to work I was pulled over by a cop. The truth is I always surprised because as cheesy as it sounds I do abide by the law. Apparently my tag had expired. So what did I do? I gave him the truth. I've been so caught up with being a mom, new job and moving I totally forgot. It was an honest mistake and lucky for me the officer let me go. What did my boss do? He got it all on video of course. Yep, I'm gonna get him back LOL.... But did I allow it to ruin my week? Heck no...I saw it as a blessing in disguise. I'm taking a long road trip soon and I'm glad I was able to resolve this issue now.

Kickboxing Class At Title Boxing Altamonte

What an exciting time! I'm finally at a place where I can start the process of training and doing what I love which includes kickboxing. The guys at Title Boxing Altamonte and Winter Park have been super helpful in the process! Seth who's actually from DC kinda put things in perspective when he said I must make time for exercise and he's right. I mean how many times have you sat on Facebook for an hour? I know I have. David is also very cool. I love how important it is to him to show me technique. Not just another sloppy kickboxing instructor and then there's my PJ! This man is one of the best trainers I've ever had. He's serious about getting things done yet is so calm about it. We trained

Why Yellow Is My Go-To Color Right Now

Not sure if it has something to do with 'Beauty and the Beast' or Beyonce's 'Lemonde' but it looks like yellow is THE spring color of the season. Celebs are rocking it and I feel like the secret to getting it just right is not overdoing it. Check out our very own Danie B giving us a lesson on how it's done during this past weekend's 'Fashion For Wishes' show. I hit the beach recently and found a yellow sundress that also worked.

Birthday Wishes

Ahhhh!! My birthday! Yep, another year has passed and this wasn't just any was a year of change, strength and true love. For the first time I met the true love of my life my Sebastian. I can't deny I haven't loved before because my mother means the world to me and you all know that but this is different. He's my little warrior. The only person who knows what my heart beat sounds like...when I'm happy or stressed. He knows..... So this birthday is one of the best I've had in years. I'm also grateful for my friends who've been there, my family and my new coworkers who went out of their way to sing Happy Birthday to me. Of course I can't forget my followers on social media. You guys a

Just Stop Looking For Love

Ladies, I've said it before and I'll say it again. The moment you stop looking it will find you. Trust happened to me plenty of times. I think as women and as people in general we go out there searching and searching when in fact our hearts aren't necessarily ready. But when it is ready...let a man court you a little. Not to be mistaken with a damn stalker....UGHHHH..I hate those. PopSugar put together a great article on how Hollywood's most wanted bachelor actually chased his current wife for months before going on a date! As you consider getting into the dating game. The reality is people want what they can't have. It's true. Think about every time you decide to cut crav

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