5 New Years's Resolution Most People Fail At

Have you though about any changes you plan on making during the new year? I know I already started on some of mine. My biggest one is ignoring things I can't control. Once the baby is here I also plan on eating healthier and working out again. If this sounds like you well check out some resolutions people tend to fail at. I'm not trying to discourage you BTW....as a matter of fact this should motivate you not to fail! Good luck! Lose Weight and Get Fit Quit Smoking Learn Something New Eat Healthier and Diet Get Out of Debt and Save Money

Cats and Dogs That Destroyed Christmas

Well well....you spent all weekend putting together your masterpiece aka Christmas tree only to have your fur baby destroy it. Vengeance? Who knows but for some reason cats and dogs hate anything that steals their attention and trees are numero uno on their list.

Some Gorgeous Christmas Tree Inspirations You Must See

Our decorations are officially up and we decided to go traditional this year. Next, I plan on adding some 'hey there's a baby living here' decor but for now we kept our look pretty clean. How about you?!? Anything funky? Well, no matter what you like here are some pretty cool trees I found on online that should inspire you no matter what's you like! 'THE MANNEQUIN TREE' 'WHITE CHRISTMAS' 'TRADITIONAL' 'RIBBON LOVERS'

Closing Out The Weekend Relaxed

After a few days of family, food and work it's time to chill. The holidays are usually a really busy time for me when I'm working events but this year is different. I'm taking time for me!

Holiday Nail Trends I'm Lovin'

Are you ready to sparkle this holiday season? I know I always am. I usually start slow but as Christmas gets here those of you who know me have seen my crazy glitter nails. I never apologize but if you're a little more timid I think painting at least one with glitter works. Here are some fun pics and tutorials to get you started my amiga!

Selena Gomez...NOW, I love her!

I've always seen Selena Gomez as talented. I like her music and thinks she's beautiful but I could always tell there was some immaturity in her that we all face at some point or another. No mas...she's all grown up and Gomez proved it last night during the AMAs. She's got it together and I felt so proud seeing a young Latina open up that way. It happens to all of us mija but you got this! Shine baby shine!


Here's my OOTD! Yep...still wearing my regular clothes. I did buy some maternity jeans or two but I just want to rock a one piece dress all day everyday.

33 Weeks Pregnant Update

OMG I'm still processing that a little over a month from now I'll have Sebastian in my life, in my arms. My belly is HUGE. I walk funny and people stop me all the time to congratulate and ask when I'm due. Yesterday, I had this man ask what I was having and when I said a boy he replied 'It takes a strong woman to carry a little man, congratulations' I agreed haha. I always considered myself a strong woman but carrying life makes you feel unstoppable. Now let's talk about sleep: Ughhhh, although I have the most comfortable and spacious bed EVER I get up every hour or so to use the restroom. I literally roll out of bed. Darn how I miss just jumping out of bed. During my 1st trimester I felt i

Bruno Mars Announces World Tour

2016 was a weird year for the most part but it looks like 2017 is set to leave any sad memories of the O-16 in the dust! Let's start with all the tours set to take place. In my previous blog I mentioned 'The Total Package' tour with NKOTB, Paula Abdul and my Motown Philly Boyz well ahora BRUNO MARS is also hitting the road! Yes sir. Put your pinky fingers up to the moooooon. The “Uptown Funk” star announced the tour run will begin in March in Belgium and will travel all throughout Europe until June. On the US in July. I went to a Bruno Mars concert in Tampa and we danced the whole time. No doubt that this fella gives a great concert and it's worth every $$$. Tickets go on sale Monday. This i

The 'Total Package' Tour 2017

It's safe to say New Kids on the Block have still got the right stuff — and they’re taking it back on tour. The band announced the Total Package, a massive North American summer tour with special guests Boyz II Men and Paula Abdul, on Tuesday. So who's fangirling? Me of course. I had the pleasure of seeing them a few years ago with some friends and it's one of those concerts where every 30 something year old turns 12. Did I mention that I had the chance to interview Jordan on The Daily Buzz and I was so nervous I couldn't look at him. I'm sure I came off as awkward and rightfully so. He must of thought I was crazy and to some degree he was right. Haha. For a list of tour dates click here

Hottest Christmas Toys for 2016

Navidad is officially here. I know, my tree is up! Stop..don't judge me. I'm Latina we set things up immediately after Halloween. I'll post a pic sometime this week. So what's trending when it comes to toys this year? There are two hot items the first is Hatchimals, which is an interactive pet that hatches from an egg. The second is the Nintendo NES Classic, which features many video games from the original Nintendo. As for finding a Hatchimal good luck. They are sold out and you can only find one online. I watched some videos on it and I get why kids like it. Here's Nintendo NES Classic that is ONE I wouldn't mind getting! Ok I'll stop playing it off, I FREAKING NEED ONE!

Shakira's Son is FINALLY Ok

Why look who's feeling much better! After having to cancel a bunch of appearances due to 'Personal Problems' we finally confirm that Shaki's little guy is feeling better. Yep, I mentioned it during my 'Enterate Con Jessica' segment on El Zol that many believed it was due to one of her boys and this post confirms it. So glad to see this cutie pie OK!

The Sexiest Man Alive

And 2016's Sexiest Man Alive is................... Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson!!! Of course I agree. He's sweet, great dad, smart and humble oh and did I mention 6'5? You know how I feel about really tall men so SIIII! Congrats mi bello! Now a quick question my chicas....What makes a man sexy? In time I learned that sexy is confidence, class and above all a man who respects the ladies. What are your thoughts?

NEW: Beauty and the Beast Trailer is AMAZING!

Ahhhh! Who else is as excited as I am? You..you and you!! I know it. Here's the latest trailer for one of 2017's most anticipated films Beauty and the Beast. The first little tease/trailer broke records with over 91 million views and I'm sure this one will do better.

A Step Towards 2017 and My New Life

There's more than one baby in my life. Yep, I have a new little thing that's growing in my career. It's a dream come true. Working for a CHR station in my hometown. Yeah, I'm a Jersey girl but Orlando is where my heart is. It's where I started my career in radio and Tv and well for the past few weekends you may have heard me on CBS's 101.9 AMP Radio. This came out of nowhere. Well...here I am. I'll have more details SOON! Until then you can still listen to me on my eternal love El Zol 107.9 M-F. Enterate Con Jessica

Walking Away

I'm in the final stretch my friends. Trying my best to walk as much as I can for once Sebastian is here my focus for the first few months will be getting us both acquainted to our new permanent relationship. That sounds so weird but it's exactly what it is. We are in this forever. Jess and Seb! His presence is quite obvious too. I mean this belly is GRANDE! I think it's pretty funny how people look at my belly while I'm fast walking getting my exercise on. I've never had people stare that way. It's almost as if they worry and I find it endearing to be honest. With the amazing weather here I was able to get in some good days but I have to admit that carrying a little human does take a toll on

Dave Chapelle's The Walking Dead Skit

It's been way too long since we've had to wait for the return of the one, the ONLY Mr. Dave Chapelle! Can I get an amen? Last night he did his thing on SNL and I couldn't be happier. I love this sort of humor. Below is The Walking Dead skit that had me laughing so HARD I started crying.

My Thoughts On This Election

I'll start by saying there's a reason why this page goes under Jessica Reyes. It's mine. My opinions and where I'm able to spill my heart, share things and thoughts without holding back. If you are here, love me or hate me there's something to be said that you took the time to read this so THANK YOU. Now to the good stuff. I'm disgusted. I'm hurt. I'm disappointment yet not surprised of the outcome. Donald Trump as president. Yes, that's who this country decided to go with. As a woman...as a Latin woman who's been in a relationship with a white privileged man who turned out to be quite the racist... hearing the way men like Donald Trump feel about women, about Latinos doesn't come as a surp

Orlando Strides! We did it!

What a beautiful day! We've been doing this for almost a decade now and each year we find another reason to take another step. Orlando Strides was the biggest cancer walk in the country with over 70 thousand people walking for a cure. The City Beautiful came out like every year...with hope..love and lots of pink. This year we walked in memory of my aunt who passed away this past spring from cancer. It was a moment in my life that changed me forever. I'm looking forward to showing Sebastian the importance of doing things like this....things that matter....things that will make a difference.

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