Orlando City Soccer Game! Ahhh #FunTimes

Why did it take this long to enjoy a soccer game?!? What the heck have I been doing all this time?!? Yesterday, for the first time I had the opportunity to see what all this FUTBOL was all about and I LOVE IT! The vibe...the people...the hotties lol! Thanks to all my friends for inviting me to this. I look forward to more and with special company. #JustThe2OfUs

Marc Anthony y Jlo Juntos! [VIDEO]

After Miss Jlo announced her breakup with Casper Smart she returned to Marc's arms...okay...not really but!!! Aqui la Jlo sorprendio a los fans de MarcAnthony al cantar junto a su ex una de mis favoritas 'No Me Ames'....I love how he looks at her. She will always be his eternal love.

Marc Anthoy Rinde Tributo a Juan Gabriel

Al enterarse de la noticia sobre la repentina muerte de Juan Gabriel el astro Boricua Marc Anthony no aguanto su llanto al rendirle tributo durante su concierto en Nueva York.

BIG news...HUGE...next week

Can't wait to share the news! Ahhhhh!! It's time! This is the first of some great things that have come my way thanks to Gods mercy and the great people I have in my life.

Happy Birthday Madonna!

Ahhhhh!! In honor of Madonna's birthday I'm sharing some of my favorite videos! Yes, I wanted to be Madonna at some point!

Puerto Rico, Olympics, Gold, Monica Puig!

I'll be honest I haven't been following the olympics as much but this isn't about that!!! It's about our champion Monica Puig uniting a group of people who love their country. I'm so proud of this chica. She was ranked 34th yet walked away with a gold medal. I'm so proud of her. Seeing our flag during the ceremony made me cry.


What a beautiful afternoon this turned out to be. I made a little trip to see my aunt and my little lady bug of a sister and I have to say it's exactly what I needed. For the past few weeks I have been indoors helping my mother organize and paint but today I said NO MAS...break time! The afternoon was filled with lots of planning towards the future as we enter a new stage in our lives. We laughed about our adventures when I lived closer and smiled at what the future holds. Then of course I had to say hello to my other little friends and family! What a happy day.

Let's Stay Connected

I love love love staying connected with all of you on a daily basis. I mean there's snapchat and those crazy filters, instagram which allows me to post some great pics and videos, twitter where I can give you an update on contests and finally facebook where we get to talk live! Thanks for always supporting what I do and staying connected. BIG news coming soon!

Happy Birthday Queen

Today one of my favorite divas would have turned 53 years old. I still remember when the news broke. I was on my way to Orlando from Tampa and a friend sent a text telling me. Man oh man....Miss Houston was gone but here's the magic of music and pictures, she will always live through her music. Today, I'm sharing some of my favorite Whitney tracks. Enjoy! Had to start with this one. I find myself singing this one all the time to that special person in my life! Jesus loves us!

Sorry guys! Only half of your friends like you

Haha! Isn't that quote funny yet true?? I mean how many people can you call real friends? A recent study says only half of your friends really like you. Yep, only half. I can tell you from my own personal experience and because of the industry I work in it's hard to find TRUE friends. In time I noticed that real friends are those who know something is wrong without telling them. Those who not only check in from time to time but are there holding your hand during difficult moments. I'm blessed to have a solid crew. Do you?!? **Led by researchers from MIT, the study found that friendship ties in 84 subjects aged 23 to 38, who were taking part in a business management class. The subjects wer

Hope This Brightens Your Day

Smiling! Always smiling. It's who I am. No matter what you gotta keep pushing and smile. Here are some of my favorite quotes about turning that frown upside down. Hope this brightens your day!

Best and worst states to have a baby

You see that cute little thing in the picture above?? Well, if you are considering having one a new poll from 'Wallet Hub' says things may be a little easier if you live in the right state. So what states are the best when it comes to childcare, medical costs and child friendliness? Check out below Best 1. Vermont 2. Maine 3. Connecticut 4. Minnesota 5. New Hampshire Worst 1. Mississippi 2. Louisiana 3. Alabama 4. New York 5. Georgia

When Suicide Hits Home

Honestly, I don't even know where or how to start this blog post. Bare with me. That girl in the picture was someone I met over 10 years ago when I first started working for El Zol. She was a faithful listener and eventually kept in touch and we became friends. Funny how relationships and friendships evolve. During the past year we spoke often on social media. She had a baby who eventually died from complications after a few months. I remember chatting with her and telling her it would be okay. She said she was trying to stay in good spirits. That gave me peace of mind. She was a sweet loving person and I remember thinking or even questioning why good people sometimes face so much pain? Why

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