The One Simple Thing That Changed My Day

Despite all the hurdles to get back to work due to the blizzard it's crazy how one simple thing can change your day. I was on my way to find some sort of transportation when out of nowhere this cute little thing. With beautiful lashes and a smile that eventually melted there she was!The fact that someone took the time to build this little snowchica made my day. I's silly but sometimes a smile is all you need. With that said I compiled a few quotes about just that 'Smiling' hope this brightens your mood.

5 Things We All Did During The Blizzard

You can't deny you did at least three of these things! Don't front... 5. Lurking...investigating. What ever happened to?!? Yeah...some even grinned and thought. Woah..I dodged a bullet. #Winning 4. Like a dramatic movie scene we thought...what if this is my end?!? That's it. It will never stop snowing. What have I done with my life?!? LOL.... 3. We called every relative or received a call or text with either a picture of the beach or a someone saying "You wanted winter?!? there you go" 2. Ate 80% of your food on FRIDAY!! frozen pizza?? Goooone!! Water?? Goooone....My end was near. 1. Played or came in contact with the snow!

MAC Cosmetics Flamingo Park Collection. Of Course I'm Excited

Calling all lovers of anything pink! Can you hear me? Calling ALL who don't care if they look like a rejected cast member from Legally Blonde aka pinkies! MAC is pulling out a collection pink lovers are going to adore-Flamingo Park So what was my reaction when I heard the news?!? Well ,an about TIME face. I loooooooove pink a shade I feel almost every complexion can work with. Before you say 'Oh Jess that's so Barbie' hold up wait un minuto. What else is there to cheer us up during this sad weather and besides V-Day is just around the corner so this would be an awesome gift...hint hint. So here's the deal: The collection is out 2/4 so mark your calendario. Let me know if you get it. I'm exci

Be Together by Major Lazer...Love This Song

Ahhhh! You know it's one of those songs. I remember listening to it for the first time a couple of months ago and thinking I LOVE IT!! Beautiful lyrics...beautiful video. Gotta love Major Lazer

Jennifer Lopez Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction AGAIN

What can I say? Sometimes a booty needs space and when confined for too long this is what happens. You should know better Jlo haha. I'm jk. I'm actually surprised that considering the dance moves this doesn't happen more often. All of this went down during the closing of one of her new Vegas shows.


Cafe...snow...pj's...ALL GOOD! Se la pasa bien! This is how I'm spending my days. With some hot cocoa or cafe and brainstorming. Lots to do in the coming months when it comes to work and I can't think of a better time than now to do it while watching the snow covered city.

Blizzard of 2016

Oh my GAWD!! This is the real thing. It's been a really long time since I've seen so much snow and I have to say it looks BEAUTIFUL! It's so peaceful and everything is white. Did I mention everything?!? Yes. When they said it would be a historic storm they weren't kidding. I'm glad I took some time to get supplies and more importantly we didn't have to deal with a blackout. One thing was pets! I wish I had them with me. I would have loved to see my Lucky try this. She...not so much. Man oh man how I miss my fur babies. Now, I'm cozy blogging away and since transportation is at a stop. I'm working from home.

Ay Dios Mio...It's a Blizzard

Si señores! It's a BLIZZARD. After all that bragging about having a mild winter. A massive and what some are calling historic storm is currently hitting the DMV. I remember when I first saw news of it...I'm thinking no way. Not that bad. Oh boy was I being optimistic.Once the more accurate predictions started coming in the weather girl in me knew this was serious. So what was I to do?!? Nothing. I grew up in this kind of weather so I'm not afraid of the snow. I think the only thing that gets me is that I can't use my car. Beyond that I'm just sitting home loving how beautiful things look.

It's Cold...Like Really Cold

Darn!! It just got real. Temps are below zero right and reality has set in. I intended to go for a run today but when my hands turned into little balls of ice I opted to crawl under bed. The good news?!? It could have been way worse. I figure we sorta cheated winter of a couple of months and January is almost over. We got this.....

El Zol Events! Always a blast

Gracias a cada uno de ustedes que hacen esta noche tan especial. Hace mas de 7 años que no la pasaba tan bien en Baltimore. Una ciudad quien me dio mi primera oportunidad como host. Cada domingo se nace una nueva historia. Gracias!

The Jet Set...Almost Ready

Yup!! This is really happening. These pics are not only a look at some behind the scenes action of our new show 'The Jet Set' but also the face of people who have worked really hard to make a dream come true. I'm so excited to share my life with all of you especially those who've followed me for the past 10 years know my passion for travel. In the coming month you should start seeing more stuff on our website. Until then....THANK YOU!

Intense Cardio Workout You Can Do At Home

Ahhh the resolution! Yep...despite my busy schedule I'm making time to workout during weather conditions that make me want to cuddle and eat chocolate all night. Where I live they have a pretty great gym but I can't even find it in me to take the elevator there. Yep...I'm that lazy. BUT BUT BUT not too lazy to youtube a couple of videos and workout from home. I found these two and managed to break a sweat and all. Add a fun mix like the ones on El Zol 107.9 and BOOM! Yupppp, I'm feeling pretty proud. Let me know if you have any you've tried.

David Bowie....Goodbye Musical Legend

Now that's one helluva a quote! Sounds pretty familiar. David Bowie a man before his time passed away from cancer at the age of 69. So sad...too soon...but guess what?!!? His music will live with us forever. I remember the first time I remember knowing of was thanks to this movie Yes! I'm an 80s kid. Loved the film and Bowie even more but I officially fell in love with his music later in my life. I remember a scene from the movie 'Private Parts' where Howard Stern got his BIG break to work in NYC and they used this song. Man oh man....I was done! Then I really listened to the lyrics and well what can I say!?? I too have had a love or two where 'if he said run...I would run with hi

Powerball Dreams 1 BILLION

Probably not a BIG chance but there's most certainly a chance to become a billionaire this coming Wednesday. There's Powerball fever and I can't think of a person who hasn't said 'I would do...' this or that after winning. I will say this and I'm not can't buy love, health or great memories but damn I wouldn't mind a long vacay around Europe!!

El Chapo Gets Caught..Somehow Steve Harvey Is In The Mix

El Chapo gets caught but when in a million years did I imagine Steve Harvey in the mix?!? Never! Haha...when Mexico caught Joaquín Guzmán Loera, or “El Chapo”, yet again the internet went crazy and the memes weren't as funny until they added Harvey. Love you Steve but I'm sure you'll agree this is hilarious.

UFC Weigh In Girl Can't Resist...Just Can't [VIDEO]

My niece shared this video with me via facebook captioned 'reminds me of my aunt and her friends' and yes....that's about right. I can't get enough of this girl reacting to the sexiest men on the planet. What can I say?! Kinda how I feel about a month into saying 'I'm done with dating' ....

'Making a Murderer' Memes

I have a confession....I've been Netflix & Chillin with not only one but two men. Yes, I'm crushing right now. Aren't you? Making a Murderer middle-aged lawyers from Wisconsin got me like 'haaaay". That's right, Dean Strang and Jerome "Jerry" Buting, Steven Avery's two defense lawyers and the essential heroes of the Netflix true-crime series are a hot thing now.....BUT let's talk about what's even hotter. gotta see this and laugh a little

Cold As Ice Playlist

It's cold as hell. Which makes no sense since hell is hot but whatever. I decided to put together a list of songs that mention cold. Yeah, the heart gets icy too during these cold winter months. So here goes

Staying In....Que What?

Oh the temps have finally dropped. Do I have a right to complain ummmmm no. It's been a pretty mild one but who wakes up and says I want to feel cold today? Not me. I'm a tropical chick. I do beaches, bikinis and sand. Yes, this ONE full day of colder temps is getting to me. So what am I to do? Stay the heck in and watch Netflix of course.

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