Lady Gaga Carpool Karaoke

Aren't carpool karaoke's the best?!? Trending today on social media is this amazing video of the queen Gaga with James Corden rocking out.

Hurricane Matthew

With hurricane Matthew set to arrive any moment now I'm going to take some time off from blogging to focus on the familia. If there's something 2016 has taught me it's that God is in control. Thanks to all the people who continue to reach out to make sure we are okay. You are in my heart and that gesture means the world. Right now the main thing on my mind is helping the City Beautiful rebuild once the storm passes. Belly and all...I'm ready.

The Importance of Voting: Latinos

As election day gets closer it's important to spread the message and urgency we all should feel when it comes to getting to the polls. I love seeing my Latinos spreading the word like Mexican actress Eiza Gonzalez

Anahi, Pregnant y Fabulosa! YOGA

Que bella! Anahi al parecer no piensa dejar su rutina de yoga durante el embarazo. Mira la foto que puso atravez de su instagram. Yeah! She's pregnant and FABULOUS!!

Florida Braces for Hurricane

Oh it's been a while since Floridians feel a hurricane hit this close. Matthew is heading towards the US and the sunshine state is getting ready. Currently, there's barely any water at the grocery store and many gas stations are running out of gasolina. It's the real deal my friends. My familia is used to this so there's water, extra batteries and food ready to go! I've been praying for my friends in Haiti who unfortunately are not ready for something like this. Makes me pretty sad but let's switch things up a bit! I found some pretty funny/accurate memes about hurricanes! Hope this puts a smile on your face.

Demi Lovato is Taking a Break!

She's been quite vocal on social media lately about how tired she feels about people being so mean on social media and how the people continue twisting her words so this shouldn't surprise anyone. Miss Lovato is saying ADIOS for a little while. I get it! Sometimes we all need a little time off and that's perfectly fine!

Halloween Programming You Must Watch

I heart Halloween especially with all the spooky classics we get to catch on TV. Yeah, I opt for most of my stuff online but there's something fun about catching Halloween and Christmas movies the old fashioned way. Below check out some fun family friendly Halloween classics that are set to air in the coming month. Still can't believe Beetlejuice isn't on there but hey...there's Hocus Pocus another fave! Set your DVR

It's National Taco Day!

Ain't that the truth! Tacos are the best and it shouldn't surprise you that there's a National Taco Day! With that said....I'm going to do my promised 30 minutes of cardio only to end up making some to satisfy the cravings!

October: Netflix & Chill with NEW Shows!

Hola October!! Thanks for finally arriving in a timely manner and thanks even mas that I get to catch up on my favorite shows!! Ohhh si...Netflix & Chill time but in a whole different way than what's associated with the oh so popular 'let's bang for cheap' phrase. Yeah, that's what Netflix & Chill pretty much means lol. So what will have you glued to the computer-phone or whatever you use to watch noncommercial programming on Netflix? There's lot to choose from. Here's a link to all the new stuff that's ON.. Movies like "A Cinderella Story" "Barbershop 2: Back in Business" "Blue Streak" "Breakfast at Tiffany's" "Dazed and Confused" are just a few to that you can catch. There's also new Netfl

Hello October

Started my October buying fruit and we couldn't help but stop at my favorite breakfast spot by Park Av. I had this yummy energy bowl! Been craving it for months and finally had it in front of me!! Ahhhh so yummy We also had avocado toasts He had tacos which although I didn't taste smelled delicious! The best part was the weather. Nice breeze. Beautiful palm trees and great company. No complaints.

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