Wearing Red Lipstick During Summer #EsPosible

Wearing red lipstick during the summer if not worn properly can be a huge mistake. Trust me...Yo SE!! Doesn't mean you can't do it. My favorite part about wearing it is that you don't have to wear much more except some concealer and mascara and YA..ready to go! Here's my favorite right not and the one I'm wearing in this pic Revlon ColorStay Overtime Lipcolor, Unending Red

4th Of July Nails!

Oh Oh cuatro de julio weekend is finally here and of course it's always a great excuse to amp up the nail art. I know although I'm not crazy about wearing nail designs on each nail I do enjoy adding a fun touch during holidays. Check out below a gallery of some fun ideas to rock out while you're watching those fireworks this weekend.

Beauty By Jess: Let's Get Nude....

Hola Chicas! How's summer treating you so far?! I hope bueno. On this end I have to say things are quite different than last year but that's something I will get to during another blog. Ahora, let's chat makeup! I took this selfie last week and many of you asked what lipstick I was wearing. I have to say I had it in my makeup bag for almost a year before it grew on me. I've been feeling red lip tint for the past few months but a natural shade also gives a youthful appearance so I went with this and here goes: NYX XTREME LIP CREAM in Peach Fuzz. I love it because it goes on creamy and looks natural. Keep in mind that wearing it with a nude lip liner is key. Try this one: Rimmel 1000 Kisses Li

Orlando...My City...My Town

As I sit here and write this blog I still can't believe what happened in Orlando. I remember waking up Sunday and as usual I checked my phone to see what was trending. #PrayForOrlando was everywhere I didn't understand until I turned on the news and heard about the shooting. I couldn't believe it. In a club? Mass shooting? What? Why? Orlando is a fun city. People are like family. We all know each other so shen tragedy hits it's like one BIG family. I've cried...prayed then cried again. Every single time I see the names of the victims called and I think about the family members I can't help but feel pain. What is wrong with people? What kind of people are we raising in this world? We have a r

The secret to men's sex appeal is? El secreto para atraer a las mujeres es?

What is it? The one thing that makes a man more appealing to us ladies? According to this article....the gift of gab! Here's what the study found: For women, a man's storytelling ability factored greatly in their assessment of whether he would be a more appealing long-term match. For men, while storytelling ability in women seemed to show signs of greater intelligence, it did not translate to them being viewed a more attractive match. What can I say?!? I actually believe this. I mean think about it. How many times have you been at a party or bar or even at the store and someone who isn't necessarily your type strikes a fun convo that leaves you wanting more?!? How many times have you heard w

Start Dating Again?

While chatting at work with the fellas I asked this question 'How long should someone wait before jumping into the dating world after breaking a serious relationship or divorce?' I actually have two friends who are debating going full force into the dating world but feelings of guilt hit them and well you know the rest. Personally I think that just like Edward said....'You stop giving a damn about your ex' So here's what some of you had to say:

Summer 2016 Hair Trends- Peinados para el cabello ideales para el verano

Ohhhh SI!! Verano 2016 is here and that means more pool time and time to rethink what hairstyles are fit for the weather. I moved from Florida where it usually...ejem...it's always humid so I know a thing or two about managing the cabello when the weather isn't necessarily cooperating. Below are a couple of ideas that will keep you looking trendy and bonita but at the same time out together. Even after you've been grabbing cafe with that hot man you call your novio! Ya llego el verano y con eso nosotras tenemos que hacer ciertos cambios y ajustes para lucir bellas mientras estamos en la calle o en esa cita romantica que por cierto...ya te tiene sudando!! Ughhhh!! Bueno aqui una galeria de di

Summer Festival Wardrobe Ideas

It's here the season where we get to do fun outdoor activities. Meet new people...maybe a new summer romance and of course summer festivals. So what is a chica to wear?!? With Verano Zol this weekend I hit the malls and online stores and found that bright colors are usually the best way to go. Yellow and piñas are the thing now when it comes to colors and trends. Red is always a plus. Below is a gallery of some fun ideas. I'm prepping a NO MELT summer makeup blog soon. Until then I will see you este domingo en Verano Zol! BESITOS!

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