Step To Step Guide To Easy Meal Prepping

When it comes down to eating healthy it looks like meal prepping is the way to go. The benefits of making your own meals are endless. For one you're able to control the amount of processed ingredients you'll eat. Processed foods are basically the main reason many can't find themselves to get rid of the extra weight. So I say meal prepping it is. Now you're probably wondering where to start. There are plenty of companies who offer the service but what if you're on a budget? Then you meal prep your own stuff. Below is a video or a beginners guide to meal prep.

I'm A Mom, You Can't Scare Me

Love this mug my niece got me for Christmas while I was still pregnant with Sebastian. 'You can't scare me...I'm a MOM' oh how true is that. Motherhood gives you courage. It changes you in so many ways for the better. I feel so blessed to be a mom. I finally get it.

Toddler Helps Baby Brother Escape From Crib

'You can do it. Finn' is how little Ollie who's only 3 years old motivated his baby brother to escape from his crip. The video was caught using a baby monitor and in it you can see how smart the two boys are for their age. Ollie is really organized and motivational too when it comes to helping his brother escape. I'm most impressed with how he's able to lift a chair and place inside the crib as if he's an adult. To think Sebastian will be up to no good in no time......Watch the video below.

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