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A Day In The Life Of Toyota Of Orlando's Jessica Reyes

Ever wondered what it's like to shoot The Toyota Of Orlando Commercial?!? Well here's a little...

WAKE UP TIME: 5:30 am (because I need my puffy morning face to die down a bit lol)

MAKEUP & HAIR: 6- 7:30 I try to take my time with this part because it's a LONG shoot and makeup has to survive the harsh weather. I usually wear all things waterproof to beat the heat. Below is the dress I wore for the 'Hot Summer Sales Event'

Toyota of Orlando requested something colorful for the Summer'ish shoot but no patterns for the commercial graphics would be too much. I went this this Tweety Bird yellow dress I purchased on AMAZON. (Click on dress for the link)

SCRIPT REHEARSAL: 8-9:30 This is THE most important part. I usually only do Spanish version of the commercial but this time around I was covering for THE Tom Park so it was important.

Joe, the owner is very hands on and helpful which makes things MUCH MUCH easier for he and the whole production team is rooting you on during the process.

I've worked in the entertainment BIZ and I'll tell you that is VERY rare so I feel blessed.

SHOOT: Once Mr. Toyota arrives it's GO TIME! we start shooting commercials back to back on a number of cars.

Long story's a very long day but I have such a blast. We laugh...make fun of me and take breaks but get the job done!


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