Snapchat Filter Inspired Halloween Look

Okay, so Halloween is just around the corner and if you're like me not sure what the heck to dress up as I came across this pretty cool idea that will have peeps doing a double take. I mean...who doesn't want to be a filter anyway?!? Okay! So estamos a solo dias de Halloween so que esperas para finalmente decidir de que te piensas disfrazar?!? Ummmm, maybe eres como yo que no te decides facilmente. Bueno…no importa cual sea la razón quería compartir contigo esta idea que prometo tendra a todos dando un "double take" cuando te vean. Es un video que te enseña como hacer el look de los filtros mas populares en Snapchat. ​

Halloween Movies Are My Fav

I love the holidays!!! I mean Halloween! Especially, since there's some sort of movie marathon going on now on various networks. Right now I'm watching "Hocus Pocus" which never gets old. ​ Later on I have a date with Charlie Brown!! What can I say?!? It's the kid in me.

We Walked For A Cure

And....we DID IT! Once again we gathered our favorite pink accesories and walked for a cure. This year was different since we got to do it here in DC. Not going to's different and HUGE!! Although we didn't have our usual team it's perfectly fine because this isn't about quantity it's about quality. The quality of life we get to give survivors just by being there and supporting them. I'm happy to have walked one more time with my mother. She's why I do it. Looking forward to seeing my family walk in her honor 10/31 in Orlando. Go get em Pinkies!!

Walking for a cure!

Another year another fight! Although I'm sad that I won't be able to walk this year with all of my family in the fight against breast cancer in Orlando I get to do it here in DC. What an honor! Sunday morning we plan on pulling out our best pink gear and are headed to heart of DC to walk in an effort to find a cure. Why does this mean so much to me? For one my mother is a cancer survivor. I have seen first hand what this horrible disease can do to the strongest person. Another reason I walk is because each year when I walk it breaks my heart to see teams wearing shirts with a "In Memory Of" shirt. I do it for that person who lost the fight. I do it so that our future is one without breast ca

Let's Twerkout

I'm approaching my second week here in DC and it's time to upgrade my workout routine. I love kickboxing as most of you know and running has become a part of my life...but I'm growing what to do?!? I'm thinking about taking a twerkout class.'s a thing now. I mean I already love to dance. Why not? So expect to see a video soon LOL...

A Beach Lover In DC

What is a beach loving woman to do in a city where the nearest beach is hours away? I bring it to me. Little by little as I adjust to my new place (I LOVE) I'm putting things up that are playa themed. I'm loving the look. You'll see lots of it in future video blogs. Also, the gym here is complete! Everything I need to stay in shape during the crazy winter months.

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