My Days At The Beach Look Like This

So...I'm officially addicted to the beach. Funny thing is if you would have invited me to the coast a couple of years ago I would have said NO WAY!! Now?? I say "I'm there"...I mean I do live in Florida. I think the main reason I hated going was the insecurity most women have about their bodies apart from the messy sand but come on now...that's the best part right?!? Check out my latest photo gallery on my pictures page where I posted some of my happiest moments by the sand! Just click the pic.....

Staying in shape

Ughhhhh...ever looked at some old pictures and think to yourself -I thought I was fat back then- only to find you had the perfect shape the whole time?!? Kinda where I'm at now. After working from 1am to 10 everyday for almost 3 years my eating habits and workout routine went loco! I ate all the time! Due in part to the fact that I was awake longer hours. On a good day I got 4-5 hours sleep and even then I would get up every hour. On top of that the little bit of time you don't work it's like who the hell wants to workout?!? Not me...or my friends! So we did dinner...lots of dinner and happy hour! Of course after dinner what's the next best thing after food?!? guessed it SLEEP!! S

Testing 1 2 3..Anybody out there?!?

So here goes nothing. It's my first blog in a long time. I can't think of a better way to not only stay busy doing what I love but I get to share it with all of you. So this is numero #1! Here's to many more. Xoxo Jess

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