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Gracias Telemundo DC

Hello! Last Sunday had the pleasure of being a part of a yearly event that takes place here in DC "La Feria De La Familia" with Telemundo. It had been a while since I had done this sort of event so I wasn't sure what to wear. I remember rushing from a brunch date and thinking what the heck shall I wear that doesn't look clubby but still stylish?!? Hmmmmm...after 5 minutes I said "Hello, H&M olive dress" Glad I did...I toned it down with a denim jacket and there you go! Jumped on stage with the friendly peeps from Telemundo DC and my afternoon radio host Patry and magic happened. We laughed, did a bachata contest and the women in the crowd weren't too happy when asked to cheer. I told them "I get it...I'm Latina, we don't allow our men to cheer another woman" they laughed and the rest is history.

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