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Meeting People In The City

I'm on a mission to discover everything this city has to offer. Friday night reminded me of a Bridget Jones Scene!

Honestly, I'm feeling like it's the first time I live here. So what is a single gal in the city to do?!? Get the heck out there! I love meeting new people out of my daily circle so I decided to find a group of professionals in the DMV area. I've never done something like this yet have advised others to do so. As I approached the venue I was slightly unsure as to what to expect but confident I can start a convo with someone since well that's what I do. So, I wasn't the first one there which was pretty good because I immediately jumped into a group of ladies. Some had just moved from Florida others are from the Virginia area. I immediately clicked with people and the rest is history. I think I made some pretty cool connections and am looking forward to how this story continues to unfold.


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