Beach Photo Shoot

Sorry I haven't been on in so long but as you know I'm in the process of moving. Ahhhh I'm so excited about my new job but at the same time sad to say adios to my Florida family and friends. I'm going to miss all the people I've met during the past 7 years but I'm only a flight away. As most of you know by now my time here in Florida was spent at the beach. I love the ocean and it shouldn't surprise anyone that I closed thigs out with a beach photo shoot with one of my closest friends and photographer Scott Miller. We've been friends forever now and when I approached him about this he said "Jess sunrise is at 7:15" I was like (gulp) "I'm there" and that's how it went. I'll continue posting p

Workout Playlist For This Week Sounds Like This!

Time to get it! Ladies and gents are you doing your thing prepping for that sexy Halloween costume?? Say SI!. Okay well if so here are a couple of tunes I've been feeling during my cardio. The list changes from time to time but this one right here is my 'ish. Soooo let's kick ass. Dale... this song. Reminds of when I worked with Lisa Spooner on the Buzz. We always jammed to this during makeup A little bit of Kanye baby So my cool down involves some Justin Bieber. QUE?? This is a great song. What Do You Mean you don't like it?! Like how I added the title in there. So smooth/cheesy.

What Would Jess Do?!? Find An Alternative

To all you ladies who always struggle with staying fit and healthy this one is for you. As some of you may know by now I love sweets. Especially vanilla milkshakes but then again who doesn't like a good old milkshake right?!? Well my fave is from (don't judge me) McDonalds. Yummy yum yum. It's one of my favorite cheat meals UNTIL now. I found an alternative that taste exactly the same. I promise. So here's how it works: You add half of a banana and some ice to a Special K Vanilla Protein shake and mix in a blender and there you go. I'm not saying go crazy with this but it is a good craving killer with half the calories.

Halloween Photo Shoot…It's a Wrap

So much fun shooting this concept. So lucky to have MUA Mariani kill it with the pinup style look and of course David Love did his thing!!! I'll be sharing on here very soon. Until then...Much LOVE!!! Be Happy...because I know I AM!

Starting To Pack

As I sit here and look at my wardrobe I can't help but feel LOCA #FirstWorldProblems. Seriously, I have a huge wardrobe not because I want to (

So…Summer…Where Did You Go?!? It's Labor Day. Yeah, apparently summer is over around here. Well not in Florida but you get what I mean. The big question is where the heck did it go?!? I swear it was yesterday that I was at Cocoa Beach taking pictures and celebrating and now like out of nowhere ADIOS, GOODBYE...IT'S OVER. Seriously, it happened so fast it almost felt like a dream. My summer consisted of trips to the beach-lots of rest-figuring out what's my next best move-a little bit of romance and well that's it. Was it fun?? Yes but way too fast.

Halloween Photo Shoot Inspiration

It's another year and with all the chaos that comes with my move I almost forgot to schedule my Halloween shoot with the MASTER Mr. David Love! We've done it all and although I had a concept I'm saving for next year (involves Salem Mass) I'm opting for cute this year. A while ago I saw a vintage calendar online and fell in love with the PINUP style Halloween concept. I'm going for that this year. Can't wait to share. Until then here's one for you....#IPutASpellOnYou #FeelingSexy

New Place Will Look Like This

As I continue the process of finding a new place and leaving my good old sunny Florida there's something I'm going to miss...THE BEACH. I love the peace I feel when sitting there looking at how beautiful the waves crash against the sand. Not going to lie, I'm going to miss it. Good thing is I can fly back and forth as much as I want. I guess those are the perks of knowing peeps in the travel industry. So what's going to happen when it's snowing and the temps are well below zero?!? I think I'll look out the window like this little fella. Make some hot cocoa and play some Margaritaville. Since I know me...I know how much I'm going to miss palm trees and my tropical lifestyle. So what is a chic

The Halloween Obsession Grows

Okay so here we are kicking off the month of September and I couldn't be more excited. My favorite time of year is FINALLY here. Halloween!! To normal peeps I know what you're thinking "Already?" Ummm SI! Why not? I'm already pulling out my decorations and thinking about my yearly Halloween shoot!! I'm so excited. It's like my birthday to be honest. Lucky for me most of my good friends are just as obsessed as I am OR crazy... you make the call!

Universal Studios Fun w/Bestie

Living in the theme park capital of the world has perks. You know that. We kick ass and I'm not going to sit here and be humble about it No Señor. So I spent the day at Universal Orlando Resort with my best friend Carla. Oh my did we have fun. We kicked things off on a roller coaster ride. As I twirled I shouted "Carla this is what life is like..UPS and DOWNS but it's a ride" we laughed. But isn't that the truth?? It's such a roller coaster and guess what?!? I love it!!


As I sit here waiting for my energy drink to kick in before I get my cardio on I can't help but share how incredibly grateful I am. It's been a ride for the past four months. I've enjoyed the free time. It's been a life lesson and I wouldn't change it for the world. I needed this time to reflect and focus on the next chapter. The past three years was work work work PLAY work work PLAAAAY! Not complaining because those of you who know me understand that I'm a workaholic. Not because I'm forced to be but because I love the career path I'm in. I'm well aware off the opportunities sent my way. Not everyone gets them and I know most of it is due to God placing me in the right path. Right now I'm

Miami….the decision trip!

Welcome to Miami...bienvenido a Miami. Sorry, I had to kick this off with that line. So yeah...the past month has been somewhat crazy. Hell, the past 4 months have been a ride. While I've gotten a number of offers it wasn't until now that most of them made sense. With that said I made my way to Miami for what would be my 3rd interview/conversation with a major company. I was so excited and on top of that my Aussie happened to be in town (he travels for work) so we decided it would be cool to leave a few days early and just hang and vent. This person is the one I text after a shitty day at work or pretty much anything and he's always there to listen and give an unbiased opinion. So there I wa

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