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Oh my oh my! Where do I start?!? It was Friday the 13th. I remember thinking during the early a-m how no matter what this would be a great day. My days before had been filled with car issues so I basically was living at the dealer (which is a good thing..tell you in another blog) but I was being consumed by that. It takes hours to make a decision to purchase a new car so that was that. Back to Friday. So, I get back from the dealer and put on local programming to stay in the know when I noticed it was a breaking news situation. Hostages in France. My heart dropped. I knew this wasn't good. As the news continued to unfold I remember thinking how consumed I felt by my previous week and how it doesn't compare to this tragedy. I seriously sat on the floor and prayed that at least some lives had been spared. My eyes teared up thinking this could happen anywhere, anytime. It's the world we live in. The only thing we could do is pray, stay positive and continue pushing.

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