Viva La Musica 2016

Almost a decade ago I walked into an audition to host an event called Viva La Musica and the rest is history. I've made such great friends and if for one second I could share with you all how happy this event makes me I would. I think it's one of the things I enjoy the most in my career. I've been blessed to sit in front of major celebs and travel a little but none of that fills me like hosting the Viva stage. I think the fact that's in the city that I started my career and seeing how proud my mother looks at me just does it for me. I also get to spend time with old friends and listen to great music so who wouldn't love to host this?!? Oh and did I mention how amazing the Seaworld staff is?

He Loves Me...Yes He Does

It's been a while since I've had the chance to blog anything. With the passing of my aunt I couldn't help but take some time. It's crazy because out of nowhere a memory hits me and my eyes get watery but I find peace in knowing we will meet one day in heaven. As for love?!? Well the only love I need and want right now is the one my God and family can provide and that brings me peace. My home is calm and so is my soul.

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