This is Happening

This is happening. As the day approaches and I can feel this little person inside of me it's so weird to think that a few months from now I will have a living extension of myself in my arms. Honestly, I wake up some days and I'm so busy with work and organizing my next project that I forget until I feel a strong kick and I'm like...SI! Sebastian...te siento. The best reminder though is every morning at 3am when he wakes up. He's on a set schedule and 3am is his thing. My much as I hated my Daily Buzz schedule it's like this little guy is on some sort of vengeance. I remember just this year bragging about how much I love sleeping all night. Well, that didn't last long HAHA

Paradise Baby Life

It's funny how lyrics can take on a whole different meaning. I remember listening to this song during winter and thinking 'Damn it take me home to palm trees' It's no secret I love the Florida life. I'm a tropical chick who digs waves and sand. It's who I am. The other day while driving with my top down and listening to this song I couldn't help but imagine Sebastian in a little rocker shirt jamming in the car seat to this. Take me home..those are the lyrics that stick because home is where the heart is. We are home. Can't wait to rock-on with him!

Favorite Workout Song #TheGreatest

'I'm free to be the greatest, I'm alive I'm free to be the greatest here tonight, the greatest The greatest, the greatest alive The greatest, the greatest alive' Yeah those are the lyrics that keep me motivated as I try my best to stay in shape while carrying my baby. Although I'm actually a lb or two under where I should be by now I can't allow that to stop me from working out. It is difficult. The reality is my balance isn't where it used to be. I'm tired. I walk different but I can't complain. I get to do what people pray for their whole lives...I get to feel life growing inside of me. So experts say I should get in 30 minutes of cardio between 3 and 5 times a week. Have I achieved th

Beach Kinda Weekend [Pics]

You know how much I love the beach so every moment I get I'm there. Last Saturday spent the evening grabbing dinner and waves and took some fun pics. Hope you enjoy.

Jose Fernandez Leaves a Baby Behind :-(

Ughhh! This breaks my heart!! I'm not a HUGE baseball fan but it's always sad to hear of a promising athlete taken away from us way too soon. Jose Fernandez dies yesterday in a horrible boating accident and looking back at his last posts on instagram we see this! Yes, the guy was super excited about being a daddy. So sad. God bless that little baby.

My New Favorite Lipstick Costs Less Than $2....Yeah..Jump on THIS!

Hey chicas!! Como estan?!? You ready for some dark rich hues on those cute boy kissing lips?!? Hell to the yeah you are! So, check out my latest inexpensive find lipstick that's giving me everything I need. I've said this before and I shall REPEAT...a good red, wine or cinnamon colored lip shade will save you a ton of time because it's usually all you'll need. Lately I've been rocking this $1.50 Wet n Wild Megalast Lip Color and although it doesn't stick all day and isn't kissy kissy proof I would say for the price it's pretty good. I picked up a good 5 shades but this is my fave. Here's a link **BONUS VIDEO to get your LUNES going while you get makeup ready! Xoxo my bonitas

He's Just as Romantic as Daddy

Besides rumors of having an ejem...nice BIG package it shouldn't surprise anyone that Marc Anthony is a romantic! I mean how else does he keep the hotties? Well, it looks like his son Max is just like dad. Check out this picture Jlo posted on her instagram page! Sighhhhhh #TanChulo

UNICEF Launches New Version of 'Imagine' [VIDEO]

Katy Perry, Shakira and Idris Elba are among many stars who sing in a new version of John Lennon's Imagine, released in association with Unicef. Although I don't see this becoming the next 'We are the world' I'm sure it sends the message. The global charity's version of Imagine has been recorded to highlight the 28 million children across the world who have been forced to leave their homes due to conflict.

Flashback Friday Meets Hispanic Heritage Month [VIDEO]

So what happens when Flashback Friday meets Hispanic Heritage Month?!? This video. I was born here in the states but my parents are from La Bella Isla Del Encanto Puerto Rico. I lived there for many years. It's where I learned how important it is to love and respect your culture. I'm looking forward to passing that on to my Sebastian.

Brad Pitt, Lies...and How Disgusting The Press Can Really Be

No doubt we've all had a laugh or two after seeing the Jennifer Aniston memes after hearing about Brangelina but all in all this must be a tough time for Brad and Angie. We all know the heartbreaking feeling after a separating from a loved one. I'm divorced so I get it. What many people don't get is that the average person deals with a breakup in private-at work- near friends and family. A public figure has to deal with it in public. Do you know how many times I've had people who don't do a f*cking thing for me ask personal questions?!? Now let's dive into the lies. On top of the texts and calls I'm sure this couple keeps getting nonstop they have to wake up to exaggerations. So let's say B

We Need Leaders

Spent the evening watching the CNN and everything that's going on in Charlotte. Although I'm not here to promote violence I will say this is the effects of a community that is tired. Racism in this country is real. I can't say t any better than this young man I cried while watching him kneel down and pray. This is what I call a good man. I hope I'm able to raise someone like this.

Fall Has Arrived, My Must-Haves

Can you believe Fall is officially here?!? I know I seems as if each year goes by faster and faster and although it can be scary let's embrace this amazing season. So what are my MUST HAVES?!? I have a couple. First stop, my closet. Time to pull out all my boots. Weather is still pretty warm put paired with some nice fitted jeans I think we all agree that it can work. Top off with a nice sleeveless shirt and a skinny scarf. Okay...not like Kim K but I'm just giving you an idea of how boots can in fact work with a sexy top. Now hats...AHHHH!! I love me a nice fall hat. Makes me feel youthful and fun. Marie Claire highlighted a pretty cool collection you need to check out here but

Little Pumpkin On The Way [NEW PICS]

Hey Pumpkin!! I'm loving this new pic my friend Scott took of me/us. Scott has been my friend and photographer for almost ten years now and said 'I need to do this Halloween pic with you'...To think next year I'll have my little man included in my shoots. I can't wait.

Bridget Jones is Having a Baby

I guess I'm not the only one surprising people with a baby. Bridget Jones is back and she's preggers. Watched the trailer and felt like laughing. Although I can't relate to the baby daddy drama I can relate to the element of surprise. I think it's so funny how people react when I tell them I'm pregnant. Almost as if I was never a female or human for that matter. Haha... Too funny. I'll be watching this weekend.

This is my JAAAAM!

You know one of those songs that makes you wanna get up and dance?!? This one does it for me. I guess it has lots to do with the fact that the first time I heard it was on my way back home from the beach. It was a beautiful afternoon and I was thinking about how good God has been to me. Now turn it up!! Let's dance!!

Tupac..20 Years Later

I can't believe this week marked 20 years since Tupac was killed. I remember he was in the best moment of his career. I was still in my teens and we had lost Biggie and now this?!? Damn...time flies. I wanted to share with you guys some of my favorite Tupac songs. As many of you know I was born and raised in the hood. I'm not embarrassed to say it. I'm the strong woman I am today due to that. So let's start with 'Dear Mama'..Sighhh! Strong lyrics that hit home. God, I love my mother. 'For a woman it ain't easy trying to raise a man You always was committed A poor single mother on welfare, tell me how ya did it There's no way I can pay you back But the plan is to show you that I understan

Walmart Patents Self-Driving Shopping Carts...No, I'm serious!

Because being lazy is sooooo millenial!! Haha...Next time you head over to a Super Walmart feel free to text and social media all you want because in the near future those carts will drive solo! Yeah mija. While your little niños are trying to jump like the traviesos you can use your phone to drive their little behinds down the shopping isle. Here's the full story 'A patent application published by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on Sept 8, 2016, and filed by Walmart in March 2016 suggests that the company has at least considered the possibility. The application depicts a Roomba-esque motorized device attached to the underside of a shopping cart. Customers use their smartphone or

Bitch Don't Even Know Me [VIDEO]

Because we all know that one B**ch who doesn't know us... yet sits there and tries to hate! Yeah, I know you read all my posts. Haha after watching this sassy lady I think it rubbed off on me. You'll end up feeling the same in a few seconds...promise! This 86 year old lady felt the heat when some random 'B' snatched her purse. I have to say I ABSOLUTELY LOVE her reaction. I mean...why fake it and act as if you're not pissed?!? Why be as some call 'CIVIL' when the thief wasn't nice in the first place?? That's right little lady..blast her on TV.

The Bump

I'm almost at 24 weeks and this little fella is no longer little. Although I haven't been showing much I think this is my official bump. It was so cute to have an older gentlemen the other shout at my while grocery shopping 'Es Varon' which means that's a boy in spanish. I'm like...SIIIII!! That's my boy. On the other hand not having my abs is pretty weird. Haha

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