Protecting My Happiness

Happiness....the one thing I think we don't protect enough. I'm at a point in my life where I REFUSE to spend energy on drama. Ask me a good 7 years ago and I would have said "It's ON" or "Bring It" haha. Funny how life experiences will change that. Now as I venture into the next chapter I'm so protective of my happiness. The moment I sense some turmoil I'm out. It's important to spend that energy on the good people and things in your life. #TeamHappy


And.....just like that I was in DC. Si señores. Jessica Reyes took a short trip to the DMV and I swear it was like I was dreaming. For those of you who don't know I worked for CBS radio almost a decade ago. It was my first real ON AIR gig. Before that I worked as a traffic reporter for six years but the first time I officially did a an ON AIR radio shift was for a radio station called El Zol 99.1fm. I remember my first nervous and unsure as to how I should sound. Long story short I fell in love with radio...Dc job and everything the city has to offer. I don't know what it is about the life there that's on a different level of sophistication. As I sat there in front of new

I Sound Like A Broken Record

Here I go AGAIN! I sound like a broken record when it comes to my exercise and health goals and it may only get worse. Why? Well, I never give up on improving myself. With that said here I am on day 5 of a new workout routine and health regime. I find myself constantly changing things up. What worked in my 20s just doesn't cut it now and I'll do whatever it takes. I'll be honest. I feel amazing. So full of energy. Crazy how a few modifications can switch things up. I've been cutting out processed foods and adding veggies to most of my meals. For the first time on Sunday I was able to see a difference in how my clothes fit. I'm excited...things are looking up!

New Week

I remember the days when I hated Sunday nights. The thought of a new work week seemed like a nightmare but in time (aging does this to you) I've learned to embrace Monday. I don't know when it happened but somewhere along the line I started looking forward to starting a fresh new week. Looking back it may have been during my crazy dieting days (still have em) or after a love dissapointment. Who knows...what I do know is that it's a NEW week. Great time to put things in order, filter out what isn't working and move forward. Let's embrace the day...the week. #WeGotThis

Change is Coming

Watched the Teen Choice Awards and Nina Dobrev killed it giving the best goodbye ever! Had me tearing up.

Sunday Night…Let's Close This Out where do I start? Been a while since I've written a blog or even done a little bit of Periscope. As you may have noticed (by looking at the random IGs and Snaps) I have been sorting out my next career move. I can't complain. God has blessed me with some great options. Within the next 2 weeks I have to officially make a decision. Crazy....for a moment I was set on one thing, one idea, one location but I'm very BIG on following my gut and when something keeps saying "think twice Jess" I tend to follow. I am on a Sunday night watching the Teen Choice Awards, blogging and thinking......

The Jet Set

Things are starting to shake up on this end! I'm super excited but then again when am I not?? I do everything with enthusiasm. Something my mother taught me growing up. Anyway, a little over a week ago we started shooting our first few episodes of The Jet Set. What an experience. I feel pretty blessed to be a part of this new project with peeps I consider family. There are still some things to work on but I'm confident you'll hear more very soon! Thanks to the whole crew for working soooooo hard. I'm proud

Is Halloween Already Here?!? Sorta…Here's Proof

OMG!!! My favorite time of year is officially here. Halloween! Yeah, you may think it's a little early but let's be honest....retailers are pulling stuff out earlier than ever and Jessica ain't complaining. Check out my reaction during my visit to Jo-Ann Fabric today....

Chayanne Concert!

Oh Chayanne!! Yesterday thanks to the awesome peeps at Salsa 98.1 I was able to take my mother to see one of her favorite artist the one and only CHAYANNE at the Amway Center!! What a show. He's so amazing. I swear his energy would put any 20 something year old to shame. Que Viva Puerto Rico!

Today My Office Looks Like This

The perks of working from home?!? Too many to mention but one that's obvious is doing it from the comfort of your own bed with your pajamas still on. Thanks to everyone who continues visiting and staying in touch!

My Top Workout Songs For This Week

Just like this quote says "People believe in you. Prove them right" but how does one stay motivated?? It's tough. Ever since I went on my little trip to Philly I haven't been the same. Eating out a little too much. Ujum...first world problems. This week I'm back at it full force and these sweet tunes promise to keep me on the treadmill just a bit longer.

Sunday Morning….

Happy Sunday morning my friends! My current mood is sorta like this illustration. Kicked off my weekend on a rather good note by joining an old friend for "Happy Hour" and then working on my site. Yeah....working on my blog is a Friday night event for me. Spent the whole evening blogging and reading random text from people who love to say Hi, You Up? Thanks! I love it when the light on my phone goes on and wakes me. It's my favorite part of the night. I appreciate the random text every other hour because I'm not Moving on....Saturday morning turned out well. Decided to do my weekend grocery shopping with mom since it's become tradition. It's like every Saturday I tell myself

What Would Jess Do?!? My Love...

What Would Jess Do?!? It's been over 3 months since I've been on a real date. As I sit here considering getting back into the game I come at it with so many questions and to some degree demands. Feisty you say?!? Hell to the yeah. Ladies if you don't keep it real from the beginning the reality is your wasting your time. Funny how I've heard Jlo's "If You Had My Love" a million times but it wasn't until now that it hit me....If you had my love what would you do?!? So chicas don't be afraid to ask questions. I'm not saying to go cray on a guy but keep it real from the start and avoid the drama/pain. The beauty of getting to know someone is you have nothing to lose. There are no REAL feelings i

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