Back On Another JCPenney Tour

It's on, once again! I'm back on another JCPenney tour. First stop is my hometown Orlando and who knows where to next. I'm so excited to bring the latest fashion trends to all of you. Feeling blessed!

Why I'm Shining! No, I'm NOT Preggers!

Many of you have been commenting and sending messages via FB and IG asking why or how is it that my skin is glowing more than usual lately. FYI, I'm flattered! Truth is besides getting back to drinking lots of water again and sleeping a bit more...I'm simply happy and at peace. There's a certain kind of magic to feeling happy and joyful. I'm at that place. Oh and maybe all that pizza I've been eating lately! Geeesh...I'm addicted. Dios mio! What makes you happy?!?

I Tried Giordano's Deep Dish Pizza And Here's What Happened!

If you know me then watching me visit a pizza place shouldn't surprise you but this time around it was different. I went to Giordano's Pizza in Lake Buena Vista near Disney and tried Chicago style deep dish pizza for the first time. It was everything I wanted and more. I have a giveaway coming up so make sure and follow me on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK for your chance to win some Giordano's dinero.

Happy 2018! Hope It's A Year Of Peace And Amor

Happy 2018! It's so weird to write those numbers but SI, it's 2018 my friends and I couldn't feel more excited. There's a sense of peace I have been feeling ever since I started going to church again. It's crazy how two incidents from 2017 led me back to the path of worship. One, I will keep private but the other you all know about. It was when my nieces daughter (grand-niece) was in critical condition. It had been a LONG time since I had felt an immense pain that nothing could shake. I've had my share of hardships but this was different. Mi sangre, my blood relative would be gone soon according to the doctor but....there's always a but in life right?!? God had the final say. Today she is we

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