and I'm feeling.....Good!

A GOOD day! It's a good time. Funny how an abrupt change of setting can put things on the right track. Lately, I've had the opportunity to spend quality time with my family and friends. People who love me...Jess.... and I can't even start to tell you how great I feel. It's like I'm a new person. This Nina Simone song says it best. Thank you Jesus! I'm blessed. I'm free and on my way.

Damn Right! #superwoman

Let's talk about the UH-MAZING Alicia Keys.During the DMC she killed it with one of my all time FAVORITE tunes. #superwoman

Lisa Frank is oficially BAAAAACK

Yes!! Of course I was a Lisa Frank girl so this story is perfect on this #throwbackthursday. The woman you can thank for having the coolest Trapper Keeper in school back in the 80s and 90s has just linked up with Rage On to create a colorful and yet so stylish clothing line. Yeah...I'm up there in age but I need at least a kitten roses tank top!

En Familia

Nada como momentos como este! Aqui con mis queridas sobrinas celebrando las cosas buenas que Diosito sigue dandonos.

Road Trip Alone...Here are some tips!

I recently took a solo road trip and it was the longest one I had ever done.THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID Wait...if you count my cat Lucky then you can say I wasn't completely solo but you know what I mean. It wasn't planned and I found myself packing quickly but here's a couple of things I wish had done that may be useful to you and some things I did do! 1. Personalized Playlist (why didn't I do this?!?) 2. Plenty of water 3. Check the weather 4. Make sure your car is in good condition 5. Have a list of friends you can call and chat with. 6. Bring snacks 7. Honestly, I have a pocket knife. WTH I'm not trying to go down without a fight. I'll west side story a biatch 8. Emergency kit 9. Don't take alt


As I sit here processing a new journey I'm about to embark I can't help and reflect on how good God has been to me and how much he continues to strengthen my character as a a woman. Looking back on the previous months I finally understand why everything happened the way it did. Moving to a new city...the loss of my beloved aunt who I still mourn with all my heart. All those things set me up for what I am ready to embark. A journey like no other. I can't wait to share the news with all of you very soon. Although I'm doing this alone I look forward to having you... my family, friends and fans cheering me on.

Jessica, The Cartoon

Meet Jean! A really cool illustrator on Instagram. When I inquired about an illustration of me I never imagined he would go out of his way to create this gal! I love how 'Sebastian' somehow made it on my hat. Funny, that's a name that's been on my mind lately. Sign?!? Sebastian.... Anyway...More stuff coming soon!

Love at first sight? Realistic?

Amor a primera vista! Reminds me of a popular song from the 90s. I mean just the sound of that phrase is exciting. Could it be? Sera? I will say from my personal experience I have felt an instant connection with a person or two...maybe three...yikes don't judge me. You know what I mean! No? Okay, it's that mental check list you have of what's ideal in your eyes and from the moment you see him it's like AYY PAPI. Well, that's what I perceive as Love/Lust At First Sight and according to a recent study it may be a little more common than you think' 'The study, from online retirement community Retire Savvy, found that people in later life are more able to tell if they are attracted to something

100 Years Beauty Puerto Rico Edition

So how different is a Puerto Rican beauty from a Nuyorican?!? Jenny from the block from Miss Universe Dayanara??Although we both love some arroz con gandules and some salsa we do have our differences. Love how this video tries to break it down. Would love to see a fashion version.

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