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5 Ways I'm Living With A Purpose

Hola mis amores and welcome back to another fun blog! I'll get into my hair and all things SeaWorld in another post but I'm compelled to share with all of you my journey into living a life in Christ and moving forward to inspire others any way I possibly can. For a while now I've had a yearning to do more with my presence. I love what I've done in the past with my career but truth is I am at a point in my life where I want to have a deeper impact on the people around me. I guess motherhood will do that to you.

Slowly but surely I will be sharing more on my journey but I know that there are many people who go day in and day out and just feel like they are on auto-pilot. My Pastor always talks about living with a purpose and it got me thinking 'what can I do right now to start living with a purpose?'

It's a process and I understand it takes time but who says you can't 'JUST START'

Here are 5 ways I'm going in:

1. I tell someone I love them every single day. Beyond Sebastian, I try to send someone in my life an inspiring text. I usually get the 'I needed that reply' and I feel great knowing I put in that seed.

2. I try to live in the moment. Sometimes while Sebastian is playing in his little sandbox I sit there and just stare at him. I know one day I am going to miss these moments. I also love to see him with my mother. It's no secret that he is THE LOVE of her life and just soaking all of that in is something that makes me feel like good.

3. I try to feed my soul. I remember talking to an ex colleague of mine and she mentioned that being happy and staying positive is something you have to work on. Like when you exercise to stay in shape. I try to listen to at least a few minutes of spiritual messages while I'm either getting ready in the morning or omw somewhere. I just listen and it keeps me in a good place.

4. Trusting the process. I'm usually a very 'Let's get things done right now' kinda person but my faith is teaching me that sometimes you have to take a step back, breathe and allow God to do what needs to be done. That doesn't always make sense. I know, but trust me he's got you!

5. Some people meditate I pray. I try to make an effort to constantly be in communication with God because...well...I gotta a lot to say lol!

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