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Short Hair Don't Care Mode...These Memes Are Way Too Relatable

Llego ese momento del año cuando digo....UMMM CUT IT ALL OFF porfavor! Jaja. I just looked at a bunch of my FB memories and this happens every year around this time. I chop it all off then end up with extensions by fall. Truth is I'm in for a new TV gig that requires me to to clean up my style a bit and have a more textured hair kinda look. I'm down with that.

So I hit up my hairstylist Anna at Dolce Vita Salon who's basically the only person who gets all my hair moments and said 'Mija, it's GO time.' Of course I had my extensions with me in case I had a meltdown but I didn't. I love my hair this way. I feel fresh and some people tell me I look younger. Probably not sexier (according to my male fans lol) but baby I'm going for young!

In the next week or so I will show you guys how I'm styling my new estilo in case you decide to go cut cut!

Now...some haircut memes that are all too real!! ENJOY

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