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MAC Cosmetics Flamingo Park Collection. Of Course I'm Excited

Calling all lovers of anything pink! Can you hear me? Calling ALL who don't care if they look like a rejected cast member from Legally Blonde aka pinkies! MAC is pulling out a collection pink lovers are going to adore-Flamingo Park

So what was my reaction when I heard the news?!? Well ,an about TIME face.

I loooooooove pink a shade I feel almost every complexion can work with. Before you say 'Oh Jess that's so Barbie' hold up wait un minuto. What else is there to cheer us up during this sad weather and besides V-Day is just around the corner so this would be an awesome gift...hint hint.

So here's the deal: The collection is out 2/4 so mark your calendario. Let me know if you get it. I'm excited about the nail polish and....oh heck EVERYTHING!


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