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5 Things We All Did During The Blizzard

You can't deny you did at least three of these things! Don't front...

5. Lurking...investigating. What ever happened to?!? Yeah...some even grinned and thought. Woah..I dodged a bullet. #Winning

4. Like a dramatic movie scene we thought...what if this is my end?!?

That's it. It will never stop snowing. What have I done with my life?!? LOL....

3. We called every relative or received a call or text with either a picture of the beach or a someone saying "You wanted winter?!? there you go"

2. Ate 80% of your food on FRIDAY!! frozen pizza?? Goooone!! Water?? Goooone....My end was near.

1. Played or came in contact with the snow!


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