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Happy 2018! Hope It's A Year Of Peace And Amor

Happy 2018! It's so weird to write those numbers but SI, it's 2018 my friends and I couldn't feel more excited. There's a sense of peace I have been feeling ever since I started going to church again. It's crazy how two incidents from 2017 led me back to the path of worship.

One, I will keep private but the other you all know about. It was when my nieces daughter (grand-niece) was in critical condition. It had been a LONG time since I had felt an immense pain that nothing could shake. I've had my share of hardships but this was different. Mi sangre, my blood relative would be gone soon according to the doctor but....there's always a but in life right?!? God had the final say. Today she is well and God continues to prove he's a God of his word.

I just wanted to share this with you in case you are dealing with something tough in your life. Trust me...I know the feeling but I also know that there's calm after the storm and sometime during.

Stay in faith my friend. Good things are coming.

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