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Beauty By Jess: Let's Get Nude....

Hola Chicas! How's summer treating you so far?! I hope bueno. On this end I have to say things are quite different than last year but that's something I will get to during another blog.

Ahora, let's chat makeup! I took this selfie last week and many of you asked what lipstick I was wearing. I have to say I had it in my makeup bag for almost a year before it grew on me. I've been feeling red lip tint for the past few months but a natural shade also gives a youthful appearance so I went with this and here goes: NYX XTREME LIP CREAM in Peach Fuzz.

I love it because it goes on creamy and looks natural.

Keep in mind that wearing it with a nude lip liner is key. Try this one: Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lip Liner, Nude

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