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Health Nut?!? Who me?

A nut? nut not so much. Let's be honest. Eating is's good and it heals the soul...(mine at least)..........I get a kick out of those late night pizza orders while watching Netflix I freaking do. Here's the problem. When I'm bad to my body like that I pay the price. BIG TIME

I'm always tired and groggy and I hate that feeling. I'm usually very energetic. On the go but when those carbs hit me they hit HARD!! It's not pretty. So yes, for the 100th time I'm going to try and eat healthier. Make better choices with a cheat meal here and there because I can't go on a date and only have air and water you know! So what gets me in shape. I start with cutting sodium and sugar.

Uhhhhh...the first few days I'm like

But it is what it is. The benefits are great and heeeey I'm ready to hit the beach again.

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