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Halloween Photo Shoot As Morticia Addams And Pubert

Hello my loves! Happy October my absolute favorite month for so many reasons...okay I'm kidding...only one reason and that's Halloween! Just like every year I try to find a theme or idea for my photo shoot and this year thanks to all of my lovely Facebook fans we opted for the Addams Family.

Sometime during the month of August my GF Nasta suggested it and I was in but I wanted my fans to have input on my decision. Truth is I got some really good ones and next year I'm sure to try but this time Morticia won.

The trickiest part was finding an outfit for Sebastian. It's not like they just sell a Pubert Addams costume at any costume store so we made our own. With the help of my mother and some luck we crafted this little look.

Of course we couldn't have done it without my great photographer/friend David Love who is simply amazing at Halloween and themed pictures. His expertise in photoshop really go a long way. I can't wait to post some more pics!


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