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On 'National Cotton Candy Day' 3 Ways To Cut Sugar 'AZUCA' From Your Diet

It's 'National Cotton Candy Day'...yeah..who knew right?!? Feels like there's a day for everything lately. Remember this viral video of a little girl trying sugar for the first time?!

Well, I wanted to take this opportunity not only to pose in Sebastian's favorite onesie (he LOL's so hard when I wear it) but to give you some tips on how I plan on cutting sugar in three simple steps. In case you didn't know cotton candy is made of pure sugar.

1. Cut down on processed food. Ughhh, lo se. Tan facil que es comprar comida preparada verdad? Mija, we have to start cooking our own food because processed food is packed with AZUCA!

2. Go easy! DO NOT...I repeat DO NOT just CUT OUT all sugar. You will end up binging. Te lo digo. Cut down little by little. (maldito coquito)

3. Protein. Add protein and veggies to your diet!

***GRACIAS for visiting my blog. Ahora that I have time expect to see more stuff here!****

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