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I'm Back

Hola! I have so much to share with you so the next few blog entries are going to be somewhat out of order until we are able to officially catch up.

As most of you know I am officially a mom!! OMAIGA...I still feel weird saying and writing this. Sebastian came into our lives on 1/04/17 and I couldn't be happier. Yes, I don't sleep, I still have extra lbs on me but I feel like a whole lotta woman haha!

Labor was intense and long....I'll have a blog on my experience!

Getting back in shape is tricky....that's another blog I have scheduled

My new life back in Florida as a fabulous and single mami...yep you guessed another blog I have coming up!!

Sooo much to share but now I'm going to try and sleep while this cutie pie allows me to. Ufff tengo sueño xoxo

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