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33 Weeks Pregnant Update

OMG I'm still processing that a little over a month from now I'll have Sebastian in my life, in my arms.

My belly is HUGE. I walk funny and people stop me all the time to congratulate and ask when I'm due.

Yesterday, I had this man ask what I was having and when I said a boy he replied 'It takes a strong woman to carry a little man, congratulations' I agreed haha. I always considered myself a strong woman but carrying life makes you feel unstoppable.

Now let's talk about sleep: Ughhhh, although I have the most comfortable and spacious bed EVER I get up every hour or so to use the restroom. I literally roll out of bed. Darn how I miss just jumping out of bed.

During my 1st trimester I felt incredibly weak. I could barely stay up and now it's back. I use the insomnia time to work from home, prepare things for the baby and try my best to relax. Out of nowhere he hits me with some strong kicks so staying relaxed when there's a karate kid inside of you is easier said than done.

WEIGHT: Surprisingly the doctor says I'm right on track. I say surprisingly because although I try to get my exercise on it's not restricted. I eat what I want and yes my cheeks are chubby and I can only hope my abs are still there somewhere I'm okay with it.

I think this quote sums it up

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