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Walking Away

I'm in the final stretch my friends. Trying my best to walk as much as I can for once Sebastian is here my focus for the first few months will be getting us both acquainted to our new permanent relationship. That sounds so weird but it's exactly what it is.

We are in this forever. Jess and Seb!

His presence is quite obvious too. I mean this belly is GRANDE!

I think it's pretty funny how people look at my belly while I'm fast walking getting my exercise on. I've never had people stare that way. It's almost as if they worry and I find it endearing to be honest. With the amazing weather here I was able to get in some good days but I have to admit that carrying a little human does take a toll on my body not to mention the bathroom stops. All in all I'm going to do as best as I can with a couple of tunes that keep me motivated!

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