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Baby On The Way

Finally! I'm able to share this with the world. I'm going to be a mom. Many of you are surprised but it's something I have been thinking about for a few years. My family and friends always knew. So why so long and why this way?!? Well, I love my freedom. I love to travel. I love to do all those things and I'm also very aware of the responsibility that comes with motherhood. It was something I did not want back then and to be honest..those who decide not to have children should not be judged. It's a very personal decision. So to all my childless chicas...girl do your thing.

As for me I remember recording a baby commercial months ago and telling my friend and producer Solido 'I want to be a mom' and boy did the heavens hear me! Boom....I'm pregnant. Okay, well not like that but long story short God has mysterious ways of doing things. I'm so blessed to have a supportive group of friends and family. My CBS familia has been more than generous to me and I can't be more thankful. I remember telling my boss and he was the sweetest. My good friend Pedro and Candy hugged me and said 'You're going to be GREAT' I feel like crying just thinking about those days. Yeah, I cry more than usual and that's a lot to say since I'm known for guarding my feelings like gold.

My mother is the most excited. When I took her to see the ultrasound she said Thank You...I have been waiting for this for a long time.

Again...I feel like crying while writing this.

Anyway it's been a blessing in our lives and I'm happy to share some of this journey via my blog. Thanks to those who send messages and texts. I appreciate it. Xoxo

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