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New Britney Spears Album...YAAAAASSS!

She's Britney...bitch! of my favorite chicas is back and entering a new era as she calls it.

With this tweet and HOOOOT picture she's giving fans what they want. It's about time! Last Britney album was back in 2013!

Because it's a #TBT here are some of my Britney Spears videos from the past.

Okay..I'll start with 'Work Bitch' because I hate a lazy, excuse making individual!

Of course I had to add the one that started it all. Ahhh I remember hearing "Baby one more time" for the first time. I loved it!

Wait! There's more.

Dedicated to all the dicks out there haha...come on... I couldn't leave this one out

Speaking of's 'Womanizer'

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