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Road Trip Alone...Here are some tips!

I recently took a solo road trip and it was the longest one I had ever done.THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID

Wait...if you count my cat Lucky then you can say I wasn't completely solo but you know what I mean.

It wasn't planned and I found myself packing quickly but here's a couple of things I wish had done that may be useful to you and some things I did do!

1. Personalized Playlist (why didn't I do this?!?)

2. Plenty of water

3. Check the weather

4. Make sure your car is in good condition

5. Have a list of friends you can call and chat with.

6. Bring snacks

7. Honestly, I have a pocket knife. WTH I'm not trying to go down without a fight. I'll west side story a biatch

8. Emergency kit

9. Don't take alternate routes! Especially when GPS suggests it. Here's why..sometimes it will take around places where you lose signal. Yeah..lost by children of the corn area.

10. Take this time to reflect. If you wanna cry...CRY...if you wanna just be quiet DO THAT!

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