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David Bowie....Goodbye Musical Legend

Now that's one helluva a quote! Sounds pretty familiar. David Bowie a man before his time passed away from cancer at the age of 69. So sad...too soon...but guess what?!!? His music will live with us forever. I remember the first time I remember knowing of was thanks to this movie

Yes! I'm an 80s kid. Loved the film and Bowie even more but I officially fell in love with his music later in my life.

I remember a scene from the movie 'Private Parts' where Howard Stern got his BIG break to work in NYC and they used this song. Man oh man....I was done! Then I really listened to the lyrics and well what can I say!?? I too have had a love or two where 'if he said run...I would run with him' I mean think of it. How sexy it is to love someone that much that you're willing to put your pride aside and roll with it?!. That's pretty hot if you ask me. Thank you David Bowie for giving us music that will last forever!


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