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New Place Will Look Like This

As I continue the process of finding a new place and leaving my good old sunny Florida there's something I'm going to miss...THE BEACH. I love the peace I feel when sitting there looking at how beautiful the waves crash against the sand. Not going to lie, I'm going to miss it. Good thing is I can fly back and forth as much as I want. I guess those are the perks of knowing peeps in the travel industry. So what's going to happen when it's snowing and the temps are well below zero?!?

I think I'll look out the window like this little fella. Make some hot cocoa and play some Margaritaville. Since I know me...I know how much I'm going to miss palm trees and my tropical lifestyle. So what is a chica to do??

I'm decorating my high rise apartment like a beach house. Yeah...I'm going there! I've been on Pinterest all week checking out some ideas. I even found some really cool furniture. I've decided to give away all my furniture and start fresh in this new city I'm moving to. So here are some things I found.

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