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As I sit here waiting for my energy drink to kick in before I get my cardio on I can't help but share how incredibly grateful I am. It's been a ride for the past four months. I've enjoyed the free time. It's been a life lesson and I wouldn't change it for the world. I needed this time to reflect and focus on the next chapter. The past three years was work work work PLAY work work PLAAAAY! Not complaining because those of you who know me understand that I'm a workaholic. Not because I'm forced to be but because I love the career path I'm in. I'm well aware off the opportunities sent my way. Not everyone gets them and I know most of it is due to God placing me in the right path. Right now I'm in the process of making a major move. It took lots of prayer...some dissapointments and determination to make the final decision. It wasn't easy but I'm 100% sure this is what needs to happen. Thanks to every single person who one way or another contributed to this. Good or bad I was only being set up for this great opportunity that's come my way. So thank you.

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