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Sunday Morning….

Happy Sunday morning my friends! My current mood is sorta like this illustration. Kicked off my weekend on a rather good note by joining an old friend for "Happy Hour" and then working on my site. Yeah....working on my blog is a Friday night event for me. Spent the whole evening blogging and reading random text from people who love to say Hi, You Up? Thanks! I love it when the light on my phone goes on and wakes me. It's my favorite part of the night.

I appreciate the random text every other hour because I'm not Moving on....Saturday morning turned out well. Decided to do my weekend grocery shopping with mom since it's become tradition. It's like every Saturday I tell myself the same speech about how "THIS WEEK" I'm going to eat healthier so of course I tried my best to buy on the healthier side. comes the drama (insert dramatic music please)

While pulling out of my parking spot another car hits me. I'm calm at this point I mean it wasn't my fault so I followed procedure and called 911 to file a report. While on the phone I step out (walking as slow as can be because I was terrified of what my car looks like)

To my surprise it wasn't as bad what was bad is the party at fault who kept screaming at me. Okay...Mr. Rachet 2015.

Funny, it wasn't my fault but this person decides to cause a scene. At some point not sure why I said in spanish "show some class" he in turn is surprised I speak spanish replying in a softer tone Oh tu hablas español?? I wanted to say si canto de cab*&% but I'm practicing what I preach by showing class. I'm like 'adios' and got in my car. In the end he drives away, I file a report and now I'm chillin in my scratched up hooptie. Yaaay

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