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Fat Girl Flow Is Everything

This chica is simply amazing and I'm asking you to check out her blog. Her name is Corissa Enneking, and she runs a body-positive blog called Fat Girl Flow. Homegirl complained that mainstream media doesn't showcase a wide enough range of bodies - even when it's focusing on the plus-size community so she decided to take it upon herself to do it. How brave! This comes from a woman who post bikini pics all the time. Shoot, mad luv for being so brave. My skinny ass gets insecure some days about posting a bikini pic yet this woman is like "hell with it" and I love it!!!

Oh but it gets better..Corissa took to social media to ask ladies who felt underrepresented to send her swimwear photos. Then this happened.

She shared shared all the pics in a single post titled: 'We exist: Diversity is Plus Size Bodies.' The gallery includes snaps of full-figured women includingKellie Kay, Breian Brockington, Crystal Newton, and Angelina Duplisea.

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