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Back from Philly

Hola!! I'm baaaack! Remember that road trip I mentioned a few weeks ago??! Well, WE DID IT!!

Drove all the way from Florida to Philly and although traffic got the best of us and my legs couldn't take it we had an amazing bonding experience. My mother didn't drive (we wanted to make it in one piece) but she sure kept me entertained and that counts. Funny thing is I've been on this route dozens of times yet never drove.

It was fun to share with all of you my journey via Periscope-Snapchat-Instagram-Facebook....pretty much all social media! The best part was seeing my family. I work in a business where let's be can't really trust everyone. It's the truth. Familia on the other hand is always there to support you and give you good advice even if you don't want to hear it.

I'm glad I took this trip to see all of them and remind me of where I came far I've come and how giving up now is NOT an option!

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