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TBT 2000s

June 18, 2015

Every #TBT I see my feed full of pictures that take us back.....waaaaay back....back into time! Next thing you know I find myself googling things from back in the day. 

What surprises me the most is that most of the things that are considered a #TBT I consider so recent. I guess that's what you call getting older (God, I hate the sound of that) 


Example Numero Uno 



This Razor Flip Phone. I remember owning mine when I lived in DC. Mine was even blinged out because that's just how I roll. Wait, is "How I Roll" still used? LOL...


Another one is the thought of 'Myspace' OMG! That was my thing!! 


I remember looking for the perfect song each day. Sometimes I think back and actually feel kinda ridiculous at some of the things I posted. The quotes?!? Ughhh...How about the fact that peeps would get mad if you removed them from your top 8? I mean seriously. I guess that was just the beginning.






Now let's talk about a brief obession I had with Jessica Simpson beauty products. All that until I realized it did not smell good and I wasn't having it. Now, I still buy her stuff but more on the clothing side. Even my Strawberry Shortcake collection smelled better. 




I'll save some #TBT for another day but because I LOVE music so much. Let's not forget Napster! Awww I man I too downloaded like crazy. 



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