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Traveling Chica: Looking Fly While You Fly

In a world where sharing every moment on social media is a must. It's no surprise peeps are stepping things up when it comes to travel day gear. I mean check out Chrissy Teigen this past weekend at LAX...disclaimer: I sure as hell ain't wearing those ankle boots but dayum she looks amazing!

I will say this and it's the truth #truestory I have been upgraded to first class based on an outfit. A flight attendant once stopped me while I waited to jump on a flight and said "Sweetie that scarf is fierce, how do you feel about flying in first class?!? Me: Well if you insist! With that said I try my best to look fly when traveling I mean what if I bump into Enrique Iglesias?!?

You gotta look good for that forced selfie.

Here are some simple suggestions on how rock it while traveling....Traveling Chica Style

Simple Makeup: Keeping It Fresh

Mascara, Light Foundation, Bronzer & Lipgloss

The Outfit: Found this perfect one on Pinterest courtesy of user megmlee


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