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Stages Of Online Dating

Online dating, the norm right?!? To some degree yes. It's like a virtual bar scene if you try Tinder. EHarmony I compare to a networking event oh and I didn't forget's a combination of all! So if you're thinking about jumping on here's what you should expect.

Numero 1 the decision to actually jump on! There's a back and forth of "I'm too good for this" and "But it's perfectly normal and even Britney Spears tried it" to describe your amazing single self? You're a catch and you have to let the world know with a great description. Does this pic make me look desperate??

Next thing you know your little precious fingers are hitting submit and like a bleeding human in a shark tank IT'S ON!!! Every guy within a 100 mile radius is hitting you up.

After reading "Why is a beautiful woman like you on here?" over 100 times you start to say

Then when you feel like deleting your profile.....a hottie who seems like he's got it together says "Hello"

Ohhhhh...there's hope! You chat for hours and for a week there's an amazing "Connection"

until the date! You get anxious and a million thoughts are hitting you especially

this one......

Meeting is tricky because it's a hit or miss kinda thing since both you and the person you're seeing more than likely has at least 2 other potentials in case you fail......It is online dating and well the options are out there.

Most of the time...I'll be honest...things end up like this

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