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NKOTB Concert As An Adult…Hilarious!

OMG!! As most of you know I am a pretty BIG NKOTB fan. I remember as a kid dreaming of being Jordan's wife one day (insert judgy face here) so when I heard they would be touring with TLC and Nelly

you know I counted every little second until the moment. Best part is I got to invite some of my closest friends because we all know it's not a good time without that.

But before we go any further let's rewind to that small opportunity I blew of giving Jordan a kiss while taping this video..(I STILL HAVE DREAMS..sorta nightmares) I will regret this forever...UGHHHH

Okay...back to the concert which had me looking like this the whole time

What the heck are those fellas doing to stay in shape?!?There was a moment where Jordan took his shirt off and started humping the floor. For the first time in my life I wanted to be that floor. Again...judge me.

Oh but Joey!?!? Also amazing and yes the crowd was full of excited 30 and 40 year old ladies who would kill for a chance with a boybander and you know what?? That's okay..we all have the right to have that one celeb or two (Enrique Iglesias) who makes us feel like this

To all my #fangirling mamitas!! I'm with you.

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