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My New Favorite Lipstick Costs Less Than $2....Yeah..Jump on THIS!

Hey chicas!! Como estan?!?

You ready for some dark rich hues on those cute boy kissing lips?!?

Hell to the yeah you are! So, check out my latest inexpensive find lipstick that's giving me everything I need. I've said this before and I shall REPEAT...a good red, wine or cinnamon colored lip shade will save you a ton of time because it's usually all you'll need. Lately I've been rocking this $1.50 Wet n Wild Megalast Lip Color and although it doesn't stick all day and isn't kissy kissy proof I would say for the price it's pretty good. I picked up a good 5 shades but this is my fave. Here's a link

**BONUS VIDEO to get your LUNES going while you get makeup ready! Xoxo my bonitas

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