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Brad Pitt, Lies...and How Disgusting The Press Can Really Be

No doubt we've all had a laugh or two after seeing the Jennifer Aniston memes after hearing about Brangelina but all in all this must be a tough time for Brad and Angie. We all know the heartbreaking feeling after a separating from a loved one. I'm divorced so I get it. What many people don't get is that the average person deals with a breakup in private-at work- near friends and family. A public figure has to deal with it in public. Do you know how many times I've had people who don't do a f*cking thing for me ask personal questions?!?

Now let's dive into the lies. On top of the texts and calls I'm sure this couple keeps getting nonstop they have to wake up to exaggerations. So let's say Brad did in fact try to reprimand a smart mouthed teen on a flight?! Who's business is it anyway?!? All in all and taking off my celeb gossip hat and say I do in fact feel for these people. I lived a somewhat public divorce from another public figure and I remember how cruel people would be. Asking personal questions that seemed so inappropriate considering (PARDON MY FRENCH) if you don't do shit for have no freaking room asking. Now where can I get Brad's number real quick?!?

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