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Fall Has Arrived, My Must-Haves

Can you believe Fall is officially here?!? I know I seems as if each year goes by faster and faster and although it can be scary let's embrace this amazing season.

So what are my MUST HAVES?!? I have a couple.

First stop, my closet. Time to pull out all my boots. Weather is still pretty warm put paired with some nice fitted jeans I think we all agree that it can work. Top off with a nice sleeveless shirt and a skinny scarf. Okay...not like Kim K but I'm just giving you an idea of how boots can in fact work with a sexy top.

Now hats...AHHHH!! I love me a nice fall hat. Makes me feel youthful and fun. Marie Claire highlighted a pretty cool collection you need to check out here but these are my faves

I'll get into my favorite makeup colors in another blog! Until then...let me grab some hot coffee and not feel guilty about it!

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