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Love at first sight? Realistic?

Amor a primera vista! Reminds me of a popular song from the 90s. I mean just the sound of that phrase is exciting. Could it be? Sera? I will say from my personal experience I have felt an instant connection with a person or two...maybe three...yikes don't judge me.

You know what I mean! No? Okay, it's that mental check list you have of what's ideal in your eyes and from the moment you see him it's like AYY PAPI.

Well, that's what I perceive as Love/Lust At First Sight and according to a recent study it may be a little more common than you think'

'The study, from online retirement community Retire Savvy, found that people in later life are more able to tell if they are attracted to something from the moment they first look at them. One in four people aged 65 or older said they can confidently tell within seconds whether they are attracted to a new date, while just 19 per cent of peopled aged 45 or older could say the same.

People in their 60s were also revealed to be more likely to end a date within minutes if they don't immediately take to the person they are with.'

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